October 2009

October 2009




                       OCTOBER 14, 2009                              5:00 P.M.



PRESENT: Scott Huss, Mari Ann Parker, Mike Batchelder, Jerry Twombly and Ken Stewart.


ALSO PRESENT: Melanie Edie, Jeff Riley, Brandon Whetstine, Ted Collins, Robert Powell, Lawrence Mays, Randy Snyder and Bill Butrick.


PRESIDING: Mayor Marty Allen.


The meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m. with all council members present.


Ken Stewart moved to approve the minutes of the last Regular Council Meeting held September 9, 2009. Scott Huss 2nd, motion carried unanimously.


Scott Huss moved to approve the bills for the month of September, 2009. Jerry Twombly 2nd, motion carried unanimously.




Jeff Riley presented a bid from Ace Pipe Cleaning Company to televise and foam sewer lines between manholes. The approximate bid to televise and foam the line would cost approximately $2.80 per foot. The follow-up to televise the line after the foaming would be no extra charge.


Ken Stewart moved to do six blocks of sewer line maintenance at $2.80 per foot. Scott Huss 2nd, motion carried unanimously.


Brandon Whetstine reported on weed violation warnings he had issued and Officer’s schedule for the month of October.


Scott Huss moved to schedule the next Regular Council Meeting for Thursday, November 12th, due to Veterans’ Day Holiday. Mari Ann Parker 2nd, motion carried unanimously.




Doniphan County Economic Development Director Lawrence Mays presented a copy of the 2010 Economic Development Strategic Plan to the City. He reported on some of the goals to establish businesses, provide recreational camp sites and to follow up on the comprehensive zoning plan. 




Mari Ann Parker stated that she had received a complaint from Betty Dorrell about the “No Parking” signs that were placed next to her property. After a brief discussion is was concluded that the signs were to allow for access to the football field for the ambulance and that “No Parking “on one side of the street on Illinois is to help with congestion before athletic events. No action was taken.


Robert Powell wanted to thank the City Maintenance Crew for mowing at the Community Center this summer and asked about the back corner of the property to see what could be done. Ken Stewart said that he had contacted Moran Landscaping to get some ideas. Mr. Powell also asked about a landing area for the Emergency LifeNet when needed. It was agreed that the additional parking area west of the fire station, should be sufficient. 


Mr. Powell asked if the City would be willing to match the donations from the EMT’s and Fire Dept. to purchase a pull down projector screen for the Community Center. Ken Stewart moved to match the $200.00 donation to purchase the screen. Scott Huss 2nd , motion carried unanimously.


A brief discussion was held concerning the construction of a new sign, setting of flag poles and running of electricity in front of the New Center. 


Scott Huss asked if City Maintenance could paint the parking stripes at the 400 block of West Main. Mr. Huss also stated he had met with Herzog Contracting to look at streets for future paving. He stated that 2 blocks of West Vermont, 3 blocks of North Carolina, and approximately 1500 ft. of West Avenue would cost close to $124,000.00. 




City Attorney Ted Collins stated he is working on updating the Drug Policy and Sexual Harassment Guidelines for the Employee Personnel Manual and is hoping to have it completed before the end of the year.


Mayor Allen informed the Council that the Ball Park contract with the College had been finalized. He also reported that two doors needed replaced, insulation should be put in the restrooms and that he would be getting bids to complete this project. 




Mari Ann Parker moved to purchase a laser level at the cost of $415.00 for City Maintenance. Mike Batchelder 2nd, motion carried 4-0-1 with Stewart abstaining.


A brief discussion was held about illegal dumping at the Anthros site. According to City Attorney Ted Collins, since Anthros property is out of the City Limits, enforcement would have to be handled by the County.


Ken Stewart moved to accept the resignation of Mike Batchelder as Community Service Coordinator. Jerry Twombly 2nd, motion carried 4-0-1 with Batchelder abstaining.

Ken Stewart moved to have the Highland Police Department be in charge of Community Service. Scott Huss 2nd, motion carried 4-1 with Twombly voting no.


Mari Ann Parker reported that a Burr Oak tree had been planted as part of our Tree City commitment and that she and Jeff Riley would be looking into dead trees that need to be removed from Degginger Park. Mari Ann was instructed to get bids for removal of these trees and present them at a future meeting. 


6:02 p.m. Ken Stewart moved to go into executive session for 30 minutes to discuss personnel and for Jeff Riley, Ted Collins and Bill Butrick to remain. Scott Huss 2nd, motion carried unanimously.


6:27 p.m. Ken Stewart moved to come out of executive session. Mari Ann Parker 2nd, motion carried unanimously. 


Ken Stewart moved to advertise for a City Maintenance worker in the local county newspaper. Scott Huss 2nd, motion carried unanimously. 


Mari Ann Parker wanted it stated in the minutes to thank the Pride Committee for their donation for the purchase of the venetian blinds for the Community Center. 


6:29 p.m. Scott Huss moved to adjourn. Jerry Twombly 2nd, motion carried unanimously.




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