May 2009

May 2009




May 13, 2009                                                                       5:00p.m.                                              



PRESENT: Ken Stewart, Scott Huss, Mike Batchelder, Jerry Twombly, and Mari Ann Parker.


ALSO PRESENT: Ted Collins, Robert Powell, Jeff and Kim Riley, Barry and Wendy Simmons, Brandon Whetstine, Marilyn McVicker, Scott Sisk, Randy Snyder, Allen Hewins and Melanie Edie


PRESIDING: Mayor Marty Allen


The meeting was called to order at 5:00p.m. with all Council members present.


Ken Stewart moved to approve the minutes of the last Regular Council meeting held April 8, 2009. Mike Batchelder 2nd, motion carried unanimously.


Scott Huss moved to approve the minutes of the Special Meeting held April 22, 2009. Mari Ann Parker 2nd, motion carried unanimously.


Ken Stewart moved to approve the bills for the month of April, 2009. Jerry Twombly 2nd, motion carried unanimously.


Mayor Allen mentioned that there is a Special Meeting scheduled for May 20th at 5:00p.m. to discuss the vacation of the North end of Genesee Street.




City Superintendent Jeff Riley reported to the Council that he was looking into possibly updating some equipment for the City. He had received some bids on a mini excavator and a skid steer loader. After some discussion, the Council agreed that they would need to table this idea until next Regular City Council Meeting to allow City Clerk Bill Butrick to look into possible funding options.


 Jeff also stated that the laptop computer he uses everyday has not worked since the lightening storm the other day and he would like to have Jerod Edie stop by and take a look at it to see if it is fixable. 


Well #4 was another concern mentioned by the City Superintendent. He said the phone lines need to be replaced between well #4 and the water tower or another option be looked into. He thought that maybe KS Rural Water might have time to come out and give him some ideas. 



The City Superintendent Jeff Riley suggested that he and his crew were in need of a Smoke Tester, which would allow them to test sewer lines through out the town and easily locate drainage problem areas. After discussion, Ken Stewart moved to purchase a Smoke Tester machine for the City Maintenance Crew at the cost of $1795.00 for the machine and $185.00 for freight. Scott Huss 2nd, motion carried unanimously.


There was a brief discussion on code enforcement within the City. The Council agreed there should be a notice put in The Kansas Chief regarding city ordinances concerning residents mowing their yards and throwing grass into the streets and also about land owners neglecting property resulting in tall weeds. City Attorney Ted Collins said he would get something ready for next weeks paper.


City Of Highland Police Chief Brandon Whetstine presented the Council with a bid from Dream Weaver to have new graphics put on the city police car and to have the old county graphics removed from the city’s 2nd car. Mike Batchelder moved to accept the bid of $517.72 from Dream Weaver to put new graphics on and take the old ones off of the other car. Ken Stewart 2nd, motion carried unanimously. 


The Council discussed and agreed to have the city maintenance crew mow and clean up some of the derelict properties in town and have the cost of that mowing and clean up accessed to the tax rolls.  




Allen Hewins, of Highland Insurance, presented the Council with updates made to the City’s insurance policy. He stated there had been several changes made and he was still needing more information on a few items such as; the value on the contents of the new Community Center, maybe increasing the coverage on the electronic equipment in the Clerk’s office and in the Highland Police office, possibly increasing the city’s liability coverage and looking into adding HCC to our policy for the 4th of July festivities. Mr. Hewins said he would be getting back to the Council soon with some quotes.




Barry Simmons stated that everything was going well with sewer plans for their new home. They are waiting for the Special Meeting on May 20th to begin construction.


Scott Sisk stated he had received a bid from Clary Construction to remove the exsisting sidewalk, haul it away, to form up and pour a 44’ sidewalk with curb. After a lengthy discussion, Scott Huss moved to accept the Clary Construction bid of $4,773.00 for repairs to the sidewalk due to damage from the City’s water drainage system. Ken Stewart 2nd, motion carried 3-2 with Stewart, Huss and Batchelder voting “YES” and Twombly and Parker voting “NO”. 


Marilyn McVicker asked the Council some questions about the new Highland Police Officer. She wanted to know what his schedule was and what to do when he is not in town or not available. The Mayor informed her that Officer Whetstine works 40 hours per week and if she needed an officer when he was not on duty to call the Sheriff’s office in Troy.


Council Member Mari Ann Parker inquired about the light pole on Main Street that fell on a car a couple weeks ago, she wondered if the light company was going to replace it. City Superintendent Jeff Riley said he was aware that Westar was going to fix it soon and he was also going to let them know about some other poles in town the might need some attention. 


City Councilman Huss stated that he had been approached about the condition of Colorado Street on the North side of town. The street is in bad shape and needs some kind of work done to it. Huss asked what we could do since that street is not actually in the City limits. There was a brief discussion and the Council agreed to get in contact with someone from the County to see if a compromise could be reached to satisfy everyone.




Ken Stewart gave an update to the Council concerning the New Fire Station/Community Center. He stated that we are in the final stages and getting close to being finished. One of the projects left to complete is pouring the cement on the North side of the building for the handicap accessible pad. Ken asked the Council if the city maintenance crew could be allowed to help with this project. Jerry Twombly moved to allow the City Maintenance Crew time to help pour the concrete handicap accessible pad when the time comes to do it. Mike Batchelder 2nd, motion carried unanimously.


Ken Stewart also mentioned the fact that the parking lot on the West side of the building would have to be rocked before it could be used. He said after looking into it, the cost he came up with was approximately $10,000.00 to purchase the rock and have it hauled in. After a limited discussion, Ken Stewart moved to purchase the rock to gravel the parking lot of the New Fire Station/ Community Center. Scott Huss 2nd, motion carried unanimously.     


Ken Stewart and Ted Collins informed the newly elected Council members on details of the West Avenue road project and the Spring Street bridge project.




City Attorney Ted Collins stated that rules concerning the use of golf carts and ATVs in Kansas cities and towns were going to be changing at the State level. He advised the Council to look into these changes and decide how we should proceed as a city. Mayor Allen appointed a committee of Scott Huss, Jerry Twombly and Ken Stewart to meet and discuss options and bring a recommendation to the next Regular Council meeting.



Ken Stewart moved to pay BG Consultants $4600.00 to cover costs on updating the Spring Street Bridge project to meet KDOT standards. Jerry Twombly 2nd, motion carried unanimously.




Ken Stewart moved, 2nd by Jerry Twombly to appoint The Kansas Chief as the official city newspaper for 2009. Motion carried unanimously.


Mari Ann Parker moved, 2nd by Scott Huss to appoint The Farmers State Bank of Highland as the official city depository for 2009. Motion carried unanimously.


Scott Huss moved to appoint Ken Stewart as City Council President for 2009. Mike Batchelder 2nd, motion carried unanimously.


Ken Stewart moved to accept the Mayor’s appointment of Committees for 2009. Mike Batchelder 2nd, motion carried unanimously.


Jerry Twombly moved, 2nd by Ken Stewart to appoint the 2009 Zoning Board as follows: Mike Parker, Kevin Lackey, Larry O’Bryan, Robert Powell, and Randy Snyder. Motion carried unanimously.


Mike Batchelder moved, 2nd by Mari Ann Parker to appoint the 2009 City Employees as follows: Maintenance – Jeff Riley, Aaron Leach and Chad Furr; City Hall – Bill Butrick and Melanie Edie; Treasurer – Jackie Watts;City Attorney – Ted Collins; and Municipal Court Judge – Roy Roper. Motion carried unanimously.




Highland Chief of Police Brandon Whetstine commented to the Council on some gatherings that were taking place at the City Baseball Park very late at night and wondered if they had any ideas on discouraging these “meetings”. He suggested maybe putting up some signs or having a curfew for this area of the city. Mayor Allen asked the Parks and Recreation Committee to come up with some recommendations and present them at the next Regular Council Meeting.




Mayor Allen discussed several issues with the Council that included: Fireworks for the City’s 2009 4th of July celebration had been ordered by Roger Rush.; Diane Stewart would be in charge of organizing the festivities for the 4th of July.; The City Attorney needs to look over the Police procedures for the new Highland Police Department and make any necessary changes.; Our policy handbook needs to be updated.; The Mayor had a resident ask when the maintenance crew was going to sweep the streets.; The new Community building is going to need silverware.; The Mayor would like to hold a workshop for the Council members soon.; Mayor Allen is looking into the possibility of fixing up the roadside park West of Highland and possibly building a walking trail.; E-Waste will be making it’s 1st stop in Highland on June 27th to help with disposal of old computers and other electronic equipment. More details will be available on this service  soon.; Mayor Allen conducted a inspection of the City Baseball field and found some problems that needed to be fixed. He stated he would consult with HCC and try to get the issues taken care of.


Council Member Mari Ann Parker stated that a woman associated with the Tree Board would be visiting Highland on May 27th to conduct a tree survey.


7:00p.m. Ken Stewart moved to adjourn the meeting. Scott Huss 2nd, motion carried unanimously. 





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