July 2009

July 2009



JULY 8, 2009                                     5:00 P.M.




PRESENT: Ken Stewart, Scott Huss, Mike Batchelder, Jerry Twombly and Mari Ann Parker.


ALSO PRESENT: Melanie Edie, Brandon Whetstine, Zach Powell, Landon Riley, Jeff Riley, Robert Powell, Russ Karn, Carrie Blevins, Scott Sisk, Randy Snyder, Steve Gaul and Bill Butrick.


PRESIDING: Mayor Marty Allen.


The meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m. with all Council Members present.


Scott Huss moved to approve the minutes of the last Regular Council Meeting held June 10, 2009. Mike Batchelder 2nd, motion carried unanimously.


Ken Stewart moved to approve the bills for the month of June, 2009. Jerry Twombly 2nd, motion carried unanimously.




City Superintendent Jeff Riley reported that Ace Pipe Cleaning Company is to be here soon to look into the sewer line problems at the Irene Bramel residence. He felt certain that tree roots in the lines was the problem, however chemicals used to deal with this can only be used in very small quantities. Council member Jerry Twombly asked about the recent water surge when the tower was being cleaned. Mayor Allen informed Jeff and the Council that K.R.W.A. would be here on July 15, 2009 to start doing the GPS mapping.


Code Enforcement Officer Steve Gaul gave a brief report on properties that received letters for weeds and grass being too high and stated he had prepared a list of derelict structures for the Council to review. Gaul also asked what approach the Council wanted him to use for other nuisances, mainly untagged vehicles.




Landon Riley gave a presentation on the City’s new website. It can be viewed at www.cityofhighlandkansas.com. He informed the Council that this new website will contain a lot of useful information including a page for each business in Highland, pictures of the current Council members and City employees, and upcoming events.




Scott Sisk thanked the City for the new sidewalk construction. He also asked permission to hold another street dance on July 25th, 2009. Ken Stewart moved to allow the street dance with the same conditions as before. Scott Huss 2nd, motion carried unanimously.


Carrie Blevins stated that the 4th of July tournament went really well. She stated that several people worked very hard to make the tournament successful and that $970.00 was cleared from the tournament and would be used for upcoming youth events. Carrie also asked if they would be considered to hold the tournament again next year.  




Ken Stewart updated the Council on the progress of the New Fire Station/Community Center. He stated that Shane Holthaus of K.R.W.A. was performing the final punch list to finalize the project. Ken requested that the City purchase two additional loads of rock at approximately $400.00 per load and fifty parking blocks at $22.00 each. Mari Ann Parker moved to purchase the rock and parking blocks. Ken Stewart 2nd, motion carried unanimously. 


Ken Stewart informed the Council that the proposal of $56,010.00 from Herzog Contracting Corp. to do asphalting on City streets had been accepted. Mayor Allen asked the Street and Alley Committee to prepare a street asphalting plan for the next several years and present it at the next Regular Council Meeting. 


Acting Police Chief Brandon Whetstine presented bids on the possible purchase of a police car/SUV for the City Police Department. Brandon stated that he felt a four-wheel drive vehicle would be nice to have for the winter months. After a brief discussion, the Council asked that he bring back bids on four-wheel drive pick-ups for the next Regular Council Meeting.  


Robert Powell talked about upcoming plans for the Open House festivities to be held at the New Fire Station/Community Center on August 8th, 2009. Robert stated that Scott Sisk was willing to donate and cook meat for the occasion and that a DJ could be hired for a dance at a cost of $200.00. Other details for the event are still pending and will be determined at a later date.   


City Clerk Bill Butrick stated that a Special Council Meeting would need to be held to publish the proposed the 2010 budget for public hearing. Butrick said he would call all Council Members to set up the meeting after confirming details with the auditor. 


5:53p.m. Ken Stewart moved to go into executive session for 20 minutes to discuss Police personnel and for Brandon Whetstine and Bill Butrick to remain. Scott Huss 2nd, motion carried unanimously. 


6:13p.m. Ken Stewart moved to come out of executive session and Jerry Twombly 2nd, motion carried unanimously.


Mayor Allen asked Acting Chief Whetstine to perform background checks on the Police Officer applicants and to set up a date and time to conduct the interviews.


The Council reviewed a letter from Irene Bramel asking the City to pay for the cost to re-exterminate her home after a sewage backup in her basement. Jerry Twombly moved to pay the $106.30 for these charges. Mari Ann Parker 2nd, motion carried 4-1 with Stewart voting no.


A brief discussion was held concerning Main Street sidewalk repairs and the possible purchase of new street lights and to start this plan in 2010. 


Russell Karn explained to the City about sewer backups he had experienced over the last several years with one of his rental houses. The Council asked Mr. Karn to attend the next Regular Council Meeting at which time they would review his situation.


6:30p.m. Ken Stewart moved to adjourn. Mari Ann Parker 2nd, motion carried unanimously.




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