Doniphan County Rural Fire District #2


Rural Fire District No. 2 covers the city and district two area for all fire and ambulance calls.  If you have an emergency please call 9-1-1.  The City is very proud of the men and women who provide us with these services.  The Rural District’s phone number is 442-3838 for non-emergencies.



Rural Fire District #2 is in charge of testing the city fire hyrant’s.  This usually takes place at least once per year and the fire chief will normally post a notice in the county newspaper about the test.  Please be aware that hydrant testing will rile the water in the lines and can cause rust to break loose.  After the hydrant testing is over water lines will usually return to normal after a few hours.  You may need to let the water run for a few minutes to help clear them out.



Phone: 785-442-3838



Fire Chief:

Joe Florence

Todd Neibling

Wyatt Denton

Jacob Simmons

Robert Powell

Ken Stewart


Assistant Fire Chief:

Randy Snyder


Fire Personnel:

Chris Waggoner

Chad Furr

Dennis Lentz

Michael Stonebarger

Kevin Thompson

Chuck Simmons

Brian Rhodd

Zach Powell 

Brady Smith

Scott Huss

Jeremy Neal